How to Deal with Complaints in Healthcare

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Complaints are an integral part of ensuring quality healthcare provision. Knowing how to deal with complaints is crucial for professional growth, but handling the complaints of patients or their visitors can often be complicated and difficult to navigate. This article addresses the best way to manage common complaints in healthcare settings. A common complaint is one that can be mitigated at a local level (i.e. the unit).

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Complaints are to be expected in all healthcare settings. It is not whether you receive complaints but how you handle them that reflects your practice. Know that there are ample support and resources available to you in the event of receiving a complaint.


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Shakuntala Harvey
30 May 2023
Very informative
04 Oct 2023
Personal Care Assistant (PCA)
It's very good. Giving us ideas how to handle a complaint.
20 Jun 2022
Other Profession
very educational and interesting
02 Jan 2022
Effective Resources.
Kristen Simpson
16 Dec 2020
Excellent - well written and easy to understand. Clearly set out and made sense.
Karina Treston
29 Nov 2023
Easy to comprehend
Janaka subedi
31 Jan 2021
Enhanced my exisiting knowledge.
Shipei Zhu
24 Apr 2022
Registered Nurse
good resource.
Rachel Delahenty
07 Sep 2019
Very helpful
Kathryn Hoswell
11 Jan 2023
A useful resource to assert staff to deal with complaints effectively
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