Course Overview


This highly interactive Course takes you through a real-life case study. It requires you, the Clinical Detective, to consider why certain diagnostic tests, observations and procedures are undertaken. As you move through the case study, you’ll be able to confirm or eliminate potential clinical problems. You will be asked a series of questions throughout the Course that will assist you with this and your learning.

Learning Outcomes

  • Promptly identify signs and symptoms of a condition that are evident from a patient’s presentation and their history
  • Undertake a comprehensive assessment relative to the patient’s presentation and concerns and implement timely action based on the interpretation of the data obtained
  • Use knowledge of diagnostic tests for the specific condition to further confirm the presenting condition and how these will influence treatment required for the patient
  • Provide an outline of the expected outcomes for the patient with the condition related to the potential treatment and nursing management

Topics include:

  • What are red flags in your assessment findings?
  • Why are certain diagnostic tests ordered?
  • Which diagnoses can be ruled out?
  • How are clinical conditions treated?
  • What does this mean for the patient?

Target audience

This Course is designed for nurses, midwives and other health professionals working in primary health care, community and acute settings.


The purpose of this Course is to enhance your critical thinking, assessment, and problem-solving skills by working through a case study in order to identify and act on a common clinical condition.


We use critical thinking skills and professional judgment on a daily basis in our practice. It is important that we continue to revise and strengthen these skills to ensure that we are able to recognise deteriorating patients and changes to conditions in a timely manner.