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CPD40m of CPD
Total Rating(s)561
First Published
Updated04 March 2019
Expires 20 June 2021
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia

Course Overview

An essential training module that looks at the transmission of potentially pathogenic organisms by contaminated hands. This module is designed to complement existing, basic infection control knowledge and has been developed consistent with relevant global and national recommendations.

  • Hand antiseptics
  • Hand antiseptics
  • Hand hygiene technique
  • Surgical hand hygiene technique
  • Five moments of hand hygiene
  • Hand hygiene and glove use
  • Reducing infection rates through better hand hygiene
Learning Outcomes
  • Select an appropriate hand antiseptic
  • Reduce your risk of irritant contact dermatitis by appropriate hand drying and moisturising as well as correct glove use
  • Consistently and correctly perform hand antisepsis
  • Follow the ‘Five Moments’ recommendations

Target Audience

The target audience for this module is any clinician or healthcare worker employed in the provision of care in any setting relating to health care.

Validation of learning:

  1. A written appraisal from your infection control representative that states they have watched you perform hand hygiene correctly
  2. Evidence that the unit in which you work has shown a decrease in nosocomial infections
  3. Evidence that procedures you personally undertake do not result in infectious outbreaks


This material was developed by the content expert listed below. It is presented by a professional presenter.


Portrait of Cathryn Murphy
Cathryn Murphy

Cathryn Murphy PhD is a registered nurse currently working for the Australian College of Perioperative Nurses (ACORN) as the ACORN Professional Standards Officer. In that role, Cathryn is responsible for leading and overseeing the development and promotion of ACORN's professional standards, which currently includes but is not limited to the Standards for Perioperative Nursing in Australia (the Standards) now in their 15th edition, ACORN Professional Standards and the Practice Audit Tools (PATs). Cathryn’s career over several decades has covered senior infection prevention positions within the clinical, government, non-government and professional associations in her home country Australia and internationally. She is an Honorary Adjunct Assoc. Professor at Bond University on the Gold Coast, Australia. For more than 20 years Cathryn has provided independent consulting services to a range of clinical, public policy, professional associations and commercial clients throughout the world. Career highlights include working in the USA at the CDC, consulting for the World Health Organization and serving as the elected APIC President in 2010. In 2016 Cathryn became the first non-North American to be awarded APIC’s esteemed Carole de Mille Award for lifetime excellence in and dedication to the field of infection prevention. She is currently a credentialled ACIPC expert, holds the US CIC certification and is a fellow of APIC and also SHEA. Cathryn’s passion for improving patient safety through better and smarter infection control and prevention is unrelenting. Cathryn’s ideas are innovative and practical. From 2019 onwards she looks forward to learning from and giving reliable, high-quality service to, her professional peers and colleagues particularly those involved in infection control and prevention and perioperative care and nursing. See Educator Profile

Learner Reviews

561 Total Rating(s)
Generic portrait
Donna Marguerite Murnane
21 Jan 2020

It was enlightening and reinforced the importance of hand hygiene in a health care setting

Portrait of Sandra Macken
Sandra Macken
20 Jan 2020

Relevant. Good reminder

Generic portrait
Geno Ungil
20 Jan 2020

Great presentation

Generic portrait
Kayla Devery
17 Jan 2020

It was a good spread of information

Generic portrait
Jennifer Robertson
16 Jan 2020

This is a basic infection control module that will outline the principles involved to maintain good hygiene practices. The Correct manner in which to basic hand washing and donning of gloves is shown, as well as a scenario that puts into practice the basics that you have learnt. It is a good refresher and a timely reminder to always perform hand hygiene properly, and to maintain good skin integrity.

Generic portrait
Suzanne Rampling/ Gilbert
14 Jan 2020

Well presented clear and to the point.

Generic portrait
Christa wight
13 Jan 2020

Informative, well spoken

Generic portrait
Candice Ellen Newmann
12 Jan 2020

Was clear and informative

Generic portrait
Robyn Kay
12 Jan 2020

Very thorough and informative learning tool.

Generic portrait
Denise Bingley
09 Jan 2020

This mandatory module is very relevant to both clinical and non-clinical staff across diverse settings. The educator held your attention, was articulate, and provided the golden standards of hand hygiene.