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Sepsis is a subject often explored in education, however, are you aware of the impact that this critical condition can have on an older person? Using a case study, apply your knowledge and experience to understand what increases older adult's risk factors for sepsis, and what we as health professionals can do to prevent it occurring in the first place.


Sue de Muelenaere

Sue de Muelenaere is a Registered Nurse with 15 years’ experience as a nurse educator. Sue completed a five-year bachelor of nursing degree in South Africa, which included training in psychiatric and community nursing and midwifery. Since then, Sue has worked extensively in the intensive care environment, during which she has presented various courses, including an honour’s degree, a diploma in intensive care, and various short cardiac and ECG courses. Sue also holds an honour’s degree in advanced nursing science (intensive care nursing) and diplomas in nursing education and nursing administration. She was the education manager in a specialised heart hospital where she was responsible for the education of all hospital staff, including non-nursing staff members. Sue is passionate about teaching. She maintains a special interest in all aspects of nursing the critically ill patient.




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The speaker was very easy to follow and had very good straight forward information.

Melissa Gains
26 Nov 2018

short and informative.

Lisa Morrison
08 Oct 2018


Tupou Makasini
22 May 2018

You can never have too much education on sepsis. Great CPD topic

Emmeline Mowbray
22 May 2018


Arleta Roszkowski
22 May 2018

the educator was engaging

Sharon Whittaker
16 May 2018


Susan K March
15 May 2018

For such an interesting topic, more enthusiasm and engagement.

Jacqueline Whiteway
14 May 2018

Very interesting.

Jane McGrath
12 May 2018

Concise, easy to follow and logical lecture

Jane Guerin
11 May 2018

A sound general exploration of sepsis, as a critical care nurse we delve deeper but I like the pitch at the general level it should be helpful as an overview. Applying the knowledge to common-sense practice may assist nurses in preventing sepsis through their practice.

Jo Harding
03 May 2018

Sue de Muelenaere gives a very engaging lecture on sepsis. You can't help coming away from watching this lecture without thinking of more ways to protect your patients from harm.

jennifer Brown
28 Apr 2018

Excellent summary

Alysha Hack
24 Apr 2018

Excellent and clearly presented information

Marie-Therese Shields
23 Apr 2018

Well explained

Devika Nandanimala
19 Apr 2018

Engaging and knowledgeable lecturer.

Trisha Eisenhuth
19 Apr 2018

She is excellent

Wendy Boehringer
19 Apr 2018

Very helpful

Kelly Turner
15 Apr 2018

Excellent presentation.

Oliver Fittock
15 Apr 2018

Well presented and factual lecture. Very knowledgeable

Sarah Moore
14 Apr 2018

Good resource review lecture

Rhonda Briggs
10 Apr 2018

It was clearly presented and very informative

Andreas Waltmann
09 Apr 2018

Another informative lecture

Marie Jackson
09 Apr 2018

Very good

Agnes Asbury
09 Apr 2018

This was great reinforcement of my knowledge, and the new sofa sheet excellent to learn about, as even though I didn't know about it, those 3 things were what I picked up in my sepsis patient and alerted me to his condition

Jennifer Francis
08 Apr 2018

I thought the information was delivered very clearly and concisely by this educator.

Jennifer Margaret Polglase
06 Apr 2018

Good tool to help assess possibility of sepsis

Jessie lauria
04 Apr 2018

The speaker did a great job at explaining sepsis

Peta Michelle Meek
04 Apr 2018

Very well explained and easy to absorb. This presenter knows how to engage her audience.

Karen Saunders
04 Apr 2018


Soumyamol Binesh
04 Apr 2018

This lecture was very informative and will be very helpful in my care of my patients.

Glenda Saliba
01 Apr 2018

The eLearning recalled my experience of requesting clinica review for a patient who had the symptoms of sepsis.

Jenna He
31 Mar 2018

The educator had an excellent base knowledge in sepsis

Deborah Truskett
31 Mar 2018


alisdair alisdair
28 Mar 2018

This section have provided me with more knowledge and understanding of sepsis, well done sue.

Diana Idowu
27 Mar 2018

I would recommend the education for sepsis , but i will in future take notes and find more out because this a simplified explanation

Jayne andrea Postill
27 Mar 2018

Very informative.

Eurah Apor
27 Mar 2018

Good subject to discuss.

Rhonda Graham
25 Mar 2018

Informative and very relevant for aged care.

Michele Selby
24 Mar 2018

a very useful basic coverage of sepsis

Adam Whitemore
23 Mar 2018

Engaging and simple technique to employ in my daily work practices to be more alert for sepsis developing.

Tracy Halliburton
22 Mar 2018


Stewart morris
21 Mar 2018

Great information .i can apply this during my practice

Wadzana Nollie HWATA
21 Mar 2018

a very basic and informative explanation of sepsis

Kim cook
21 Mar 2018

Very helpful and engaging

Claire banaghan
20 Mar 2018

Very good

Rachel Bryant
18 Mar 2018

Reinforcing knowledge

Sonya Cox
18 Mar 2018

Educator was very engaging and discussed the topic on sepsis with ease. The educator gave the viewer time for reflection of their own knowledge through out discussion.

Barbara Benstead
17 Mar 2018

Great content and easy to follow, reiterating points right through to completion. We all need reminding of specific points caring for our patients.

Kerry Lowing
16 Mar 2018

Excellent lecture reiterating all aspects of diagnosing sepsis.

Kerry Lowing
16 Mar 2018

A good lecture to outline the basic knowledge around infection and sepsis needed in everyday nursing.

Breeanna Harris
16 Mar 2018

Presented very well

Mandeep kaur
15 Mar 2018

engaging and informative, very clear presentation

Jenny Goldsmith
14 Mar 2018

Precise and informative

Jyotsna Pradhan
14 Mar 2018

A good overview of sepsis and prevention.

Jacqueline Curran
09 Mar 2018

A great resource and very well explained. Enjoyed immensely

Margaret Parish
09 Mar 2018

Very interesting lecture. Unaware of some of the issues. Great learning tool

Margaret Parish
09 Mar 2018

The learning reminded me how vulnerable the elderly are to sepsis and signs and symptoms can be different than in young people ie: rise in temperature.

Catherine Foley
08 Mar 2018

Easy to understand, the educator was engaging and I particularly liked the quick sofa score which can easily be instituted at a patients bedside if sepsis is suspected.

Jacqueline Nicole van Driel
06 Mar 2018

Clear delivery of the learning material

Josephine O'Dwyer
06 Mar 2018

Great learning tool.

Maree Findlay
05 Mar 2018

Excellent presentation

Moira Munro
05 Mar 2018

I found this education factual concise and informative. I feel it would benefit all nurses in their practice to listen to this seminar.

Lorna Hall
05 Mar 2018

Clear logical explanation of when infection leads to sepsis and assessment of older patients who are at greater risk of sepsis.

Pietryna Duch
05 Mar 2018

Excellent, clear information on infection vs sepsis.

Nicholas Stewart Cleave
03 Mar 2018

Very good lecture and well presented

Dianne Williams
03 Mar 2018

Very clear and engaging

Gillian Hoskins
03 Mar 2018

A clear and strong lecturer very careful to instruct the differences between sepsis and infection

Gillian Hoskins
03 Mar 2018

This is a great VLA. Would recommend to anyone.

Hemaltha piyaratna
02 Mar 2018

This resource was very informative and engaging.

Libby byrnes
02 Mar 2018

A very good starting point in understanding sepsis, delivered simply with repetition to reinforce learning.

Patricia wilson
01 Mar 2018

Very clear and to the point. Very good refresher for understanding sepsis.

Susan Mitchell
01 Mar 2018