CPD Audits

What is a CPD Audit?

For health practitioners in Australia, a CPD audit is a process in which the validity of compliance to the mandatory registration standards of the health practitioner is assessed.

On behalf of the respective health practitioners boards, AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulating Agency) manages investigations into the professional conduct, performance or health of registered health practitioners, except in:

  • NSW – this is undertaken by the Health Professional Councils Authority and the Health Care Complaints Commission, and
  • QLD – this is undertaken by the Queensland Health Ombudsman (from July 2014) onwards
  • CPD audits are conducted in relation to registration periods (relative to the professional board) and it is recommended that you maintain a Portfolio of your CPD for up to five years from your current registration period.

    Why do CPD audits occur?

    CPD audits are performed in order to ensure health practitioners are complying to the relevant mandatory registration standards on a consistent basis. As healthcare practice is continually evolving due to technological improvements, methods of care, medication development, cultural shifts and many other factors make for an ever-changing risk to the care being provided by health practitioners.

    Conducting audits to determine and evaluate the evidence provided of health practitioners compliance to their CPD requirements is essential. It is a necessary process to ensure health practitioners are committed to updating, developing, maintaining and improving their professional performance, knowledge and skills to provide sufficient patient care and outcomes.

    Who Gets Audited?

    As per the most recent statistics provided by AHPRA (which can be found here) there were 5,414 new audits of compliance with registration standards initiated. These audits are performed at random regardless of the registration board a health practitioner is registered under.

    How Do I Prepare for a CPD Audit?

    In order to be ready for a CPD audit, you must have proof that you have complied to the following registration standards:

    • Recency of practice requirements
    • CPD requirements as per the CPD registration standard
    • You have practice in accordance to the professional indemnity insurance (PII)
    • Police check displaying no change in criminal history within the registration period
    • Any additional requirements relating to you registration board

    Maintaining proof of your compliance to the registration standards is best managed via a CPD portfolio. The Ausmed CPD app is a great way to manage, document and reflect on your CPD as well as relate learning to your relevant competency standards.