Stroke Management

1h 12m
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CPD1h 12m of CPD
First Published
Updated04 February 2023
Expires 27 June 2024
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia.

Course Overview

Strokes and transient ischaemic attacks (TIAs) are experienced by people, globally and often, making it vital that all healthcare workers have an understanding of their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment. This Ausmed Course will also consider pharmacological management and the role a pharmacist performs.

  • Identifying stroke signs and risk factors;
  • Acute stroke management;
  • Appraising medications used in the prevention of stroke;
  • Managing the risk of stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation.

The purpose of this Ausmed Course is to examine stroke and TIAs, and provide learners with the knowledge to assist in prevention, management and treatment.

Learning Outcomes
  1. Identify risk factors and signs of stroke.
  2. Enhanced knowledge of the acute management of stroke.
  3. Appraise medications used in the prevention of stroke.
Target Audience

Pharmacists and other health professionals who are involved in the management of stroke and TIAs as well as those involved in the prescribing, dispensing and administration of stroke medication treatments throughout patient care.


No conflict of interest exists for anyone in the position to control content for this activity. Wherever possible, generic or non-proprietary names of medications or products have been used.


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Debbie Rigby View profile
Debbie Rigby is a consultant clinical pharmacist from Brisbane. Since graduation with a Bachelor of Pharmacy from the University of Queensland, she has since obtained a graduate diploma in clinical pharmacy, certification in geriatric pharmacy, an advanced diploma in nutritional pharmacy, certification as an asthma educator, and she has become credentialed as an advanced practice pharmacist. Debbie is a director on the NPS MedicineWise Board; clinical reference lead to Australian Digital Health Agency; a member of the Veterans’ MATES Practitioner Reference Group, Australian Deprescribing Network; visiting fellow at QUT; and an adjunct senior lecturer at the University of Queensland. Debbie conducts home medicine reviews in collaboration with GPs in a medical centre and provides education to pharmacists, GPs, nurses, Nurse Practitioners and consumers. Debbie was the inaugural recipient of the AACP Consultant Pharmacist Award in 2008 and was awarded the 2001 PSA Australian Pharmacist of the Year, the PSA Qld Bowl of Hygeia in 2002 and the SHPA 2016 Australian Clinical Pharmacy Award. Last year, Debbie was voted the most influential woman in pharmacy.
CPD time1h 12m
First Published
Updated04 February 2023
27 June 2024
Recorded InMelbourne, Australia.
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