Competency Assessments Workshop

1h 25m
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In this workshop, Chemène Sinson and Sarah Phillips discuss how to ensure your competency assessments are equitable, accessible and fair, and how to develop assessments that are tailored for the online learning environment.


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Chemène is the founder and Principal at Blackwater Projects, an independent practice that helps individuals and organisations design and implement learning experiences that improve performance. Chemène uses her diverse background in learning and performance background to inform her work. An Olympian, she has coached elite athletes and mentored coaches. She has taught kindergarten, year 12, and a few years in between. And since launching Blackwater Projects in 2000, she has worked with corporate, community and government clients throughout Australia and internationally. In VET, Chemène specialises in TAE. She has written TAE materials that more than 150 organisations have used since they were first introduced in 2010 and is excited about her latest project, partnering with Pop Education to design and develop online TAE40112 resources. Chemène runs professional development events for new and experienced educators who want to go ‘beyond the basics’ and is a regular speaker at conferences and special events.
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Sarah Phillips View profile
Sarah is the founder and Managing Director of Pop Education. Since 2005, she developed VET resources in the online and blended space. Sarah has developed assessments for over 300 unique units of competency and began her assessment career developing assessments for 12 months under the guidance of an ASQA auditor. Sarah’s previous background in e-learning has allowed her to combine her skills to be a thought leader in the niche space of online assessment and has designed models for validating online assessments and assessment methodology. She is highly regarded in the sector for her management of large projects and her personable approach to client needs, and delivers high quality materials and training, leading her team by example. With a Bachelor of adult learning and development, coupled with a Diploma of e-learning and qualifications in Auditing, Visual Arts and Project Management, Sarah knows all facets of resource development.
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First Published20 February 2024
Updated20 February 2024
20 February 2026
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