Hypercalcaemia: An Oncological Emergency

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Hypercalcaemia refers to elevated calcium levels in serum. It is a common manifestation of certain types of cancer that can be fatal if untreated. In this lecture, haematology clinical nurse consultant Alex Rivalland looks at the mechanisms, clinical manifestations and treatment of hypercalcaemia.


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Alex Rivalland works at Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre and Royal Melbourne Hospital as the Graft versus Host Disease Clinical Nurse Consultant and on the haematology and bone marrow transplant ward. Amongst other postgraduate studies she is completing her Masters in Advanced Nursing Practice. Her particular interests are in post-allograft care, optimising and educating carers as well as GvHD management.
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First Published28 May 2023
Updated28 May 2023
28 May 2025
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