Trauma in Pregnant Patients

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There are added concerns and stressors to any trauma patient who is also pregnant, for the mother, the unborn child, and the first-responder. In this presentation, Cassandra Holland offers a quick course of action for healthcare professionals to consider when challenged with this scenario.


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Cassandra Holland is a hospital trained and university-educated nurse with 38 years of clinical experience ensuring high standards of culturally competent care for a wide variety of patients with diverse needs. Cassandra is a trained Educator passionate about chronic disease prevention, management and treatment. She has an unwavering focus on producing the best possible results in terms of quality, risk, safety, timeliness, patient care, ethics, value and education. Cassandra is specialised in cardiac and diabetes health, providing critical evaluation, managing complex medication and treatment regimens and education. She has many years of screening, diagnostic treatment, rehabilitative and supportive services as a member of a multidisciplinary primary health team. She is a high performing manager and responsible motivating nurse leader with excellent communication skills. Cassandra has solid clinical skills utilising critical analysis and case management experience within a managed care environment. She is an enthusiastic educator with excellent people skills and a dedicated work ethic, supported by high levels of advanced competencies and Qualifications.
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First Published08 June 2021
Updated08 June 2021
29 June 2026
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