The Use of Generative AI

January 2024

Position Statement


At Ausmed, we are at the forefront of educational innovation with the aim to leverage generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the learning experience for our users. We are committed to a responsible and ethical approach to benefit health professionals while safeguarding the privacy of our users and complying with legal obligations.

Ausmed Education’s position on the use of generative AI

Why we use generative AI

Generative AI assists the content team at Ausmed in generating closed captions and transcripts, and streamlines the content creation process. This allows us to offer a more diverse and dynamic range of educational material, benefiting learners across various disciplines. Automatically generated transcripts and closed captions also promote accessibility for learners living with a disability or who speak English as a second language.

Integral part of the future of teaching and learning

Generative AI is poised to be an integral part of the future of planning, learning and documenting by enabling adaptive, personalised and efficient educational experiences. The technology ensures that educational content and Ausmed’s various products remain current, aligning with the rapidly evolving landscape of various industries.

In support of its position, Ausmed Education mitigates risks to the technology


We acknowledge the potential privacy concerns associated with generative AI. To address these concerns, we strictly adhere to data protection regulations such asthe General Data Protection Regulation (the EU regulation) and the Australia Privacy Act. This ensures that user data is handled responsibly and transparently.

Ausmed does not share personally identifiable information (PII) with third-party AI companies. Refer to our privacy policy.


Copyright regulations are evolving around the use of generative AI. Our commitment to copyright compliance is unwavering. We respect intellectual property rights and ensure that all generated content complies with current and future copyright regulations.

Content Review

We recognise the risk of producing inaccurate or offensive content. For this reason, Ausmed reviews and curates generated content to ensure high standards of reliability and appropriateness.


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