Managing Complaints in Healthcare



Managing Complaints in Healthcare If you need to directly intervene in a problem situation with a relative, it will probably be because the relative has been dissatisfied with interactions with direct care staff and wishes to speak with a more senior person The nurse or midwife manager should: - Try to be approachable, - Hold a meeting away from the noise and bustle of the ward, - Assess if the patient should be present, - Ensure that you tell your staff where you are, - If the relative is truculent or loud, have another staff member (or security) present, - Sit between the relative and the door (follow duress and assistance protocols), - Turn off pagers and mobile phones if possible, - Sit at the same level as the relative, - Try to keep a calm, even voice.
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First Published26 July 2019
Updated26 July 2019
29 June 2025
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